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June 27th Ozimals Community Meeting
06-30-2011, 09:50 AM
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June 27th Ozimals Community Meeting
These notes were created from a transcript of the Ozimals Community Meeting held on June 27, 2011.

  • Welcome
  • Strangelings - Candy talks about community feedback and says some changes are in the works based on that feedback
  • Summer Bunny Carnival - will run July 31st to August 14th with lots of activities and events, including a Flickr Carnival Bunny contest, a Big Top Mutant Contest, Summer Elite bunny kindling, carnival games, a music festival and dance parties
  • Pufflings - introduction to Pufflings; a dramatic demonstration of the Pufflings' origin, some general information, an introduction to the lead texture artist, and some questions and answers
  • Beta Testing - instructions for filing tickets to indicate your interest in beta testing
  • Bunnies - Malk talks a little about plans for bunnies, and also mentions the Elites for the Summer Bunny Carnival are "really cute"
  • Questions and Answers - product interaction; permanent pet option; bunny generations

### Next Ozimals Community Meeting:
July 11, 2011 - Strangelings: Breeding, General News


[18:01] Bailey Dazy eats all the creampuffs!!!
[18:02] Claranna Wardell: hi Glinda
[18:02] Glinda Guardian waves
[18:02] Candy Cerveau: Welcome everyone - we'll get started in just a couple of minutes :)
[18:02] Ozma Fairlady looks sternly at Bailey.
[18:02] Candy Cerveau: Please have cakes while you wait :D
[18:03] Bailey Dazy puts the creampuff down and backs off slowly, not wanting to upset Ozma the fixer of all her borked bunnehs
[18:03] Ever Courtois: Pufflings must have sweet toofs!
[18:07] Bianca Bender wonders what's going to pop out of the creampuffs

[18:07] Candy Cerveau: Welcome Everyone - This is the June 27th Community Meeting, thanks so much for coming! We have several things we want to talk about today so let’s get right to it. What we’d like to do is discuss everything and then open the floor up for any questions, so if you could hold those until the end that would be great!

[18:07] Toren Bluebird: mebbe they are teh pufflings just gonna sprout eyes
[18:08] Elisabeth Milneaux: ohhhh *cream*pufflings!! oooooohh!
[18:08] Elisabeth Milneaux: (frowns) but then how will I refrain from eating my breedable???


[18:08] Candy Cerveau: First of all, thanks to all those who came to our preview last week for the Strangelings and let us know what you thought. We got a lot of positive comments! The Strangelings are very different visually from anything that is currently available to the breedable community.
[18:09] Candy Cerveau: This was a purposeful decision. We felt a fantasy creature needed to have its own unique look and we also wanted to raise the bar on artistic development for breedable texturing. We knew that there would be conversation and healthy debate about their aesthetics.
[18:09] Candy Cerveau: That being said, we did get a lot of feedback on tweaks you thought would make them even better (while still retaining their style.) We read and listened to ALL the comments we got in from the community and we are working on some changes based on that feedback.
[18:10] Candy Cerveau: We hope to have another preview for you at our next meeting on the 11th where we will also talk more about how breeding works for the Strangelings.

Summer Bunny Carnival

[18:11] Candy Cerveau: On to bunnies! We will be having our Summer Bunny Carnival July 31st - August 14th and we have lots of events planned for the carnival like the Flickr Carnival Bunny contest, the Big Top Mutant Contest where people bring their special mutant bunnies to the sideshow tent and the community votes for their favorites, special Summer Elite bunny kindling during the event, carnival games where you can earn Bunnybury coins, a mini music festival, and of course our famous themed dance parties
[18:12] Candy Cerveau: :)
[18:12] Candy Cerveau: Details coming up in the weeks ahead so stay tuned to the notice archives to keep up on the latest with the carnival.
[18:13] Candy Cerveau: should be big fun :)


[18:14] Candy Cerveau: Now, hopefully some of you are anxiously awaiting the preview of the Pufflings... Glinda, the Good Witch of the South, is here with Ozma, whose birthday we are celebrating, to talk to you about our new project.

[18:14] Glinda Guardian: Welcome, everyone, to the birthday celebration of her Majesty, Ozma, Empress of Oz.

[18:14] Jena Nightfire: claps excitedly
[18:14] Ever Courtois: happy Birthday Ozma!
[18:14] Short Andel: now y'all talkin
[18:14] Sarahlin Constantine: happy birthday :)

[18:14] Ozma Fairlady: Hello, and thank you all so much for coming! The royal bakers have made Endless Cake, so there is plenty for everyone, even if you would like a second helping.

[18:15] Bailey Dazy: YAY cake!!!!

[18:15] Glinda Guardian: Every year, Ozma's birthday is a public holiday in Oz, and the people hold celebrations, but this is the first time the palace party has been a public one. Some of you may not know about some of the events at prior celebrations; Ozma's friends always plan special surprises for her birthday, and because magic is common in Oz, these surprises are spectacular.

[18:15] Short Andel: happy ol peoples day !!!!!

[18:15] Ozma Fairlady: Last year there was a PIE. A perfectly normal pie. But when I cut into it--carefully, I might add--there was a troupe of DANCING MONKEYS inside waiting to begin their routine. They danced up and down the table for the rest of the afternoon.
[18:15] Glinda Guardian: Didn't you like them?
[18:15] Ozma Fairlady: Oh, they were wonderful! I just never... thought... well, you know. I thought it was PIE. And though we built a wing onto the palace, with a monkey-sized theatre, sometimes I think we need something different... a cheerful palace pet, something which delights and enchants palace guests.
[18:15] Glinda Guardian: That's solved, this year: Endless Cake! The not-enough-pie part, I mean.

[18:16] Ozma Fairlady looks around the tent, at the gifts piled high and the towers of cream puffs. "I think we have enough cream puffs for everyone to have a HUNDRED."
[18:16] Candy Cerveau: yay endless cake!
[18:16] Jena Nightfire: lol
[18:16] Bailey Dazy: (3-D glasses for monkehs?)

[18:16] Glinda Guardian: Then if some of them were to stop being cream puffs...?

[18:16] Toren Bluebird: i KNEW it
[18:17] Ever Courtois: O.o
[18:17] Claranna Wardell: lol~
[18:17] Whispers Magic: claps
[18:17] Bianca Bender is smart
[18:17] Elisabeth Milneaux: Ohhhhhh ... I won't eat my pufflings ... promise!!! (hangs head)

[18:17] Ozma Fairlady looks curiously at a cream puff. "Stop being cream puffs? What do you mean by that?"
[18:17] Glinda Guardian smiles, and waves her wand. "Happy Birthday, Ozma!"

### At this moment, many of the creampuffs magically transformed into Pufflings!

[18:17] ANJILL Pevensey: O.O oh my god
[18:17] ANJILL Pevensey: lol
[18:17] Sarahlin Constantine: heeehee
[18:17] Celleste Lunasea giggles
[18:17] Elisabeth Milneaux: ohhhhh!!!
[18:18] WindRider Taiyang: hahahaha
[18:18] Stormrunner Laval: cuuuutteee
[18:18] Bailey Dazy: omg
[18:18] Takura Yuhara: Would you come over... >.>
[18:18] Takura Yuhara: :D
[18:18] Ona Ra: LOL!!
[18:18] Bianca Bender: gahahahahah
[18:18] Ozma Fairlady cheers! ^_^
[18:18] Claranna Wardell: aws!
[18:18] Whispers Magic: aren't the adorable?
[18:18] Candy Cerveau: Hello Pufflings! :))
[18:18] WindRider Taiyang: Angry Birds! lolol
[18:19] Bianca Bender: lolololololol
[18:19] Candy Cerveau: they aren't angry at all ;D
[18:19] Angelique Wickentower: TOOOOO CUTE!!!!
[18:19] Ever Courtois: SQUAEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!
[18:19] Toren Bluebird: cute lil birdies
[18:19] WindRider Taiyang: Very cute.

[18:19] Candy Cerveau: So these are the Pufflings! Pufflings are, as you just heard, magical animals created by Glinda for Ozma’s birthday. They love living in the Palace at Emerald City, but they also want to visit other lands beyond Oz and meet new people like you :)

### You can see some of the pictures taken by community members in the Ozimals Flickr Pool:

[18:19] Lurch Overlord: lol
[18:19] Takura Yuhara: There you are! :D
[18:19] Bailey Dazy: Waaaaant!!! I want to meet thems tooooo!!!
[18:19] Claranna Wardell: aws

[18:20] Candy Cerveau: If you have had bunnies, the way the Pufflings work will be very familiar. But we’ve also added many new tweaks to the system based on what you’ve told us you’d like to see, as well as some natural, yet intuitive evolutions to the way Ozimals-style breeding works.
[18:20] Toren Bluebird: bouncy bouncy
[18:20] Ona Ra: I am so going to be broke......
[18:20] Whispers Magic: me toooooo
[18:20] WindRider Taiyang: awwww, poor Ona

[18:20] Candy Cerveau: Pufflings will have more of their code based on a server rather than in-world. This will allow much more in-world processing power to be allocated towards interactive features for the birds. However, they will not stop functioning or disappear if the server goes down.
[18:21] Candy Cerveau: Having this hybrid system will allow us to have less updates and more flexibility to add content and features quickly without disruption to you.

[18:20] Ever Courtois: o LOVE the peacock ones LOLOLOL
[18:21] Bianca Bender: holy hell that's a lot of options. lol
[18:21] Ona Ra: ... broke.
[18:21] Takura Yuhara checks his wallet
[18:21] Candy Cerveau: Indeed Bianca ^_^
[18:21] Ever Courtois: nice texture work!!!!!!!!!
[18:21] Ever Courtois: very detailed
[18:22] Whispers Magic: soooo cute!

[18:22] Candy Cerveau: The Pufflings have many different body aspects (such as tails and crests) that can be bred, along with color and feather patterns that will give an incredible variety of choices to your breeding. We will be talking more about the breeding of Pufflings in our meeting on the 11th.

[18:22] Lurch Overlord: I think I'd feel guilty eating some of those creme puffs now
[18:22] Bianca Bender: or... 3 tails, 4 head dresses, just looks like a lot with the blends i suppose.
[18:22] Ever Courtois: cough it up Lurch!!!
[18:22] Candy Cerveau: these are just a few of the options shown here :)
[18:22] Toren Bluebird: pokes jena, i wanna red one
[18:22] Bailey Dazy: LOL
[18:22] Whispers Magic: imagine what you could do with textures too
[18:23] Bianca Bender tries to not make grabby hands and ends up scratching her but instead cuz she's still making them anyway.
[18:23] Kitty Lomu: i want some little peacock textured puffball lol
[18:23] Candy Cerveau: :D
[18:23] Bianca Bender: oh forgot the part about sitting on her hands lol

[18:23] Malkavyn Eldritch: Thanks Ever, we wanted to introduce everyone to the lead texture artist on the Pufflings - madmantis
[18:23] Claranna Wardell: madmantis! great job!
[18:23] Angelique Wickentower: Mad, they are AWESOME. Great job!
[18:23] Whispers Magic: wonderful job Madmantis
[18:23] Malkavyn Eldritch: He's been working with the bunnies now for around 6-8 months
[18:23] Elisabeth Milneaux applauds!
[18:23] madmantis Resident: Hello and thank you!
[18:24] Bailey Dazy: Great job Madmantis!!!!!!
[18:24] Candy Cerveau: everyone give him a warm welcome to SL :))
[18:24] Malkavyn Eldritch: You first saw his work with the CNY elites!
[18:24] Stormrunner Laval: welcome :)
[18:24] Takura Yuhara: I’m hungry..
[18:24] Toren Bluebird: hullo
[18:24] Elisabeth Milneaux: welcome! they're terrifically fun!
[18:24] Whispers Magic: oh those rocked!
[18:24] Claranna Wardell: you're very talented Madmantis!
[18:24] Malkavyn Eldritch: We liked his work so much we decided to ask him to help us with this project
[18:24] Malkavyn Eldritch: to make it even more amazing this is some of the first 3d texture work he's ever done :)
[18:24] Ever Courtois: nice work madmantis!
[18:25] Candy Cerveau: (BTW, the hopping birdies are set to movement only due to the crowd size - they will have lots of animations)
[18:25] Bailey Dazy: wow!
[18:25] Whispers Magic: wow impressive
[18:25] Whispers Magic: keep it up
[18:25] Malkavyn Eldritch: Anything nice you want to say about me mad? :3
[18:25] Bailey Dazy: I luff Pufflings *whimpers*
[18:25] Ever Courtois: will they blink?
[18:25] Candy Cerveau: oh yes
[18:25] Toren Bluebird: i want one with the lil curly part in front
[18:25] madmantis Resident: Thanks everyone, it’s been great fun
[18:25] Jena Nightfire: the blue and the peachy one is pretty
[18:26] Lurch Overlord: so I can't make little catapults for them? c.c
[18:26] Candy Cerveau: blink and look around, etc. They are now, actually. ^_^
[18:26] madmantis Resident: Uhh I like your shoes...
[18:26] Whispers Magic: LURCH!
[18:26] Ever Courtois: oh God that sounds like something my hubby would do lol
[18:26] Malkavyn Eldritch: We're working on a big set of eye movements for them, these currently only have the blink/sleep eyes loaded

[19:23] Jena Nightfire: i think once they get the eye movement in
[19:23] Jena Nightfire: that will make their faces come alive
[19:23] Malkavyn Eldritch: yeah I have a few plans for it
[19:23] Malkavyn Eldritch: when they are sleeping they are going to open one of their lids halfway
[19:23] Jena Nightfire: hehehe
[19:23] Jena Nightfire: that will be cute
[19:24] Malkavyn Eldritch: they'll look left/right/up/down randomly mixed in with the blinking
[19:24] Jena Nightfire: like a real bird
[19:24] Malkavyn Eldritch: working on the stages of animation now and didn't want to rush things too much

[18:26] Toren Bluebird: i don’t hear em do they make noise?
[18:26] Candy Cerveau: noise is default off, Toren :)
[18:26] Lurch Overlord: very cool though
[18:26] Candy Cerveau: there can be too much of a good thing ;)
[18:27] Kitty Lomu: hehehe little catapults
[18:27] Whispers Magic: we need a giant size one
[18:27] madmantis Resident: Ha Ha, working with these guys has been a blast. Certainly have made some great friends from this.
[18:27] Toren Bluebird: gee sumtimes my MOMMMMMMMIIIIIEEEE says that
[18:27] Ever Courtois: I want all the peacock ones
[18:27] XMistressMacabreX Xurina: aww are they for sale yet ? they are so cute !!!
[18:28] Toren Bluebird: look at all their eye colors
[18:28] Sarahlin Constantine: heheehee
[18:28] Whispers Magic: I want the black with purple eyes
[18:28] Sarahlin Constantine: Bigger!!
[18:28] Lurch Overlord: whoa big one
[18:28] Whispers Magic: lol
[18:28] Angelique Wickentower: Me too Whispers!
[18:28] Whispers Magic: I like the big one
[18:28] Toren Bluebird: i like that tiny lil yellow one
[18:28] Malkavyn Eldritch: heh this is just to show the detail mad has put into them
[18:28] Candy Cerveau: We will leave them out at the meeting site for about a day so people who couldn't get in can get a look ^_^
[18:29] Whispers Magic: :/ when you are done I'll take it
[18:29] madmantis Resident: Feather by feather...
[18:29] Ever Courtois: OMG is that how big they get????
[18:29] Malkavyn Eldritch: nono :3
[18:29] Bailey Dazy: (by feather... by feather? lol)
[18:29] Toren Bluebird: great job
[18:29] Ever Courtois: oh LOL
[18:29] Sarahlin Constantine: lol
[18:29] Candy Cerveau: hah Ever
[18:29] Candy Cerveau: nope, it’s just for example
[18:29] Ever Courtois: can we see the size of a baby and a grown up?
[18:29] Elisabeth Milneaux: wow those are some googly cute eyes
[18:29] Lurch Overlord: enlarged to show awesome?
[18:29] Ever Courtois: good cause that could eat YOU candy
[18:30] Claranna Wardell: where is the big one?
[18:30] Claranna Wardell: I don't see it
[18:30] Lurch Overlord: it shrank in the wash hehe
[18:30] Lurch Overlord: and doubled
[18:30] Angelique Wickentower: soooo cute
[18:30] Ever Courtois: Da'wwwwww look at da babeeeeeeeeeee
[18:30] Malkavyn Eldritch: this is just resizing but it should be close to this :)
[18:30] Ever Courtois: it's tweensy!
[18:31] Toren Bluebird: will they all be the same sizes?
[18:31] Bailey Dazy scoops up a couple and puts them in her pocket >.>
[18:31] Claranna Wardell: Ahahaha XD
[18:31] Ozma Fairlady looks sternly at Bailey.
[18:31] Kitty Lomu: oooh lol
[18:32] Bailey Dazy hides under a table
[18:32] Malkavyn Eldritch: I have a system planned for scaling via special items - they will start small and increase size into adulthood and then using these items you will be able to change their size both smaller and larger
[18:32] Toren Bluebird: ooh
[18:32] Lurch Overlord: that's what I did, ever, never needed it
[18:33] Ever Courtois: OMGOSH seeing the other eye colors now
[18:33] Malkavyn Eldritch: Keep in mind also these are only movement not animations you are seeing
[18:34] Candy Cerveau: Remember these are just a taste of the colors, body aspects, and patterns we have planned. There's an incredible amount of variety possible.
[18:34] Malkavyn Eldritch: the animations will be much more fluid - but with 50 people on a sim *grins* - it isn't going to happen
[18:34] Ever Courtois: not even for just one?
[18:34] Short Andel: 49 now that guy over there jus poofed ( points )
[18:35] Malkavyn Eldritch laughs

[18:39] Toren Bluebird: can you hold these?
[18:39] Candy Cerveau: yes you will be able to hold them

[18:41] Ever Courtois: will these have shade variations
[18:41] Malkavyn Eldritch: yes Ever
[18:41] Ever Courtois: like some shinier than others
[18:41] Ever Courtois: nods
[18:41] Ever Courtois: thanks, Malk
[18:42] Malkavyn Eldritch: that will be something we're using from the bunnies - we like the options it gives

[18:30] Chance Coleslaw: Will they consume food at the same rate as the bunnies do?
[18:30] Candy Cerveau: the pufflings will have a slightly different food system than the bunnies, but we will talk more about that in future meetings :)

[18:32] Ever Courtois: what will a typical starter pack be like?
[18:33] Candy Cerveau: We haven't nailed down what all will be in the starter packs but we're open to any differences you'd like to see from the bunny starters :)

Beta Testing

[18:30] Candy Cerveau: We will have a beta first of course - if you are interested in helping test, please file a ticket :)
[18:37] Malkavyn Eldritch: - Please file a ticket under "Pufflings Beta Application"
[18:37] Malkavyn Eldritch: you can do the same for the Strangelings if you want to be put in the pool for that beta

### The beta testing ticket departments can be found within the Applications department and are called:
  • Pufflings Beta Application
  • Strangelings Beta


[18:39] Malkavyn Eldritch: for all those asking about the bunnies - we have some pretty large plans that will see some of the features of Pufflings begin to transition over to the bunnies code (server-based, new food system, etc)
[18:40] Malkavyn Eldritch: for the Summer Bunny Carnival we have some really cute elites in store for our bunneh friends :3

Questions and Answers

[18:37] WindRider Taiyang: Will the bunnies, Strangelings, Pufflings all interact in some way?
[18:38] Malkavyn Eldritch: Windrider, we are looking into having all Ozimals products interact with each other in some way in the future
[18:38] Candy Cerveau: (not interbreeding though, obviously ;D )
[18:38] trina Nayar: oh, that's awesome, Malk... it's something not seen yet in breedables That I'd like to... interactions beyond just producing a baby
[18:38] WindRider Taiyang: hahaha But just think of the possibilities!
[18:39] Lurch Overlord: gryffon-type things

[18:44] Stormrunner Laval: I have a general question?
[18:45] Stormrunner Laval: I was wondering if there is going to be a permapet option on the Ozimals animals.
[18:45] Stormrunner Laval: in the future
[18:45] Malkavyn Eldritch: We're still exploring this option
[18:45] Candy Cerveau: what Malk said :)
[18:46] Short Andel: ok ain't a question but more of a statement on the permapet option
[18:46] Stormrunner Laval: Awesome I think it would help and I'd be willing to pay for it :)
[18:46] Candy Cerveau: we've heard comments from people who are interested in the option :)
[18:46] Candy Cerveau: so we're looking into it.
[18:46] Jena Nightfire: :)
[18:46] Malkavyn Eldritch: We would like to hear our bunneh friends’ opinion on it ;)
[18:46] Malkavyn Eldritch: posting in the forum is a great place
[18:47] Candy Cerveau: yup! :)
[18:47] Stormrunner Laval: There is a topic already in place if someone wants the link :)
[18:47] Short Andel: if y'all give us a perm a pet option i wouldn’t like the idea of havin to buy sumthin to turn it into a pet
[18:47] Short Andel: be kinda cool after the x days old to just give us an option
[18:47] trina Nayar: maybe BB points?
[18:48] Stormrunner Laval: Some of us do not breed though so no BB points
[18:48] Stormrunner Laval: Shorts idea is an option a few other breedables do that.
[18:49] Short Andel: i don’t mind feedin it up to the time it retires an then on a few i’d like to keep as pets be nice to just perm a pet it an don’t hafta feed it anymore
[18:50] Stormrunner Laval: Here is the topic on the forum :)

[18:57] Stormrunner Laval: Oh i have one other question
[18:57] Malkavyn Eldritch: sure Storm? :)
[18:58] Stormrunner Laval: is there any way to get rid of the generations on my bunnies so they become retired? I keep them as pets and I get weird questions about why they are still able to breed XD
[18:58] Stormrunner Laval: they are getting pretty old
[18:59] Malkavyn Eldritch: I've never actually been asked that question before
[18:59] Malkavyn Eldritch: so I'm a bit lost as how to answer
[18:59] Malkavyn Eldritch: the only way a generation would be used is through hibernation or breeding
[19:00] Stormrunner Laval: It's alright. It just may be an option to add after a certain amount of days (like 200 maybe) that the bunnies retire if they've never bred?
[19:01] Stormrunner Laval: I have no personal problem with it but as I said i get asked odd questions XD
[19:01] Malkavyn Eldritch: that's not a bad suggestion - and I can see it possibly being something we could add in the future
[19:01] Malkavyn Eldritch: the biggest part of the problem is a bunny goes back to Oz perm if it hibernates after it retires
[19:01] Malkavyn Eldritch: so this would in fact shorten its life for the owner if there were any problems
[19:02] Stormrunner Laval: shorten the life? I thought they didn't die
[19:02] Malkavyn Eldritch: they go back to Oz if they hibernate 5 times after they reach 0 gens
[19:03] Malkavyn Eldritch: but as long as they are taken care of currently they do not have a lifespan
[19:03] Malkavyn Eldritch: we disabled that over a year ago
[19:03] Stormrunner Laval: *nods* as I said i feed and take care of mine :)
[19:03] krispy Southpaw: over 500 days and still going
[19:03] Short Andel: i appreciate y'all doin that since i got to keep one a my firsts bunnys
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